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Momence Meadows Hosts Fall Festival

The Momence Progress Reporter - November 1st 2017

Last week, the staff and residents of Momence Meadows hosted a fall festival, and the weather was perfect for the outdoor event. The ‘Snack Island’ workers took a moment to pose for the camera as they prepared to serve their guests snacks. Pictured at left are Aimee Nellas, who works in medical records and Bibiana Ulrich, administrator, as they posed next to the packages and prizes donated by various businesses that staff and visiting family members were able to win. One of the reasons for the event was to show off the new doctor’s office and new family room to visit with residents that Momence Meadows has been working on for six months. There is also a snack room or a small dining room that is next to the main dining area, plus just in time for the season there is a ‘Halloween corner.’


Bibiana Ulrich RN, LNHA

Bibiana is a big believer in the good outcomes generated by team-building exercises for her staff. As a result, she enjoys devising different kinds of challenges she can toss their way. Her most recent idea was to develop a Christmas decorating contest. Staff divided up into four teams - one assigned to each corridor in the building - to compete for cash prizes as they outdid each other ushering in the Christmas Spirit.

"It was a lot of fun - everyone got very caught up in the process - residents and staff alike," Bibiana said. As an administrator, Bibiana wears many hats. "My office is responsible for keeping all the systems in the building running smoothly from facility maintenance and housekeeping to dietary service and nursing care."

Even so, she says she enjoys the many challenges her job presents across diverse departments.

And, if you want to know what drives Bibiana each day - a George Washington Carver poem she keeps displayed in her office - pretty much sums it up. Empathy for others. Because no matter at what stage in life someone may be, at some time during our own life, we will have been there too.