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Sandy Erickson

AdministratorSandy Erickson, a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, takes the helm of Momence Meadows at a time when good things are on the horizon for this older skilled nursing facility located in Momence at 500 S. Walnut Street.
With 35 years’ experience in health care, Erickson enjoys a challenge and was looking for a new career opportunity where she could make a positive difference. She holds an undergraduate degree in Social Work and has a Master’s in Business Administration.
“We’re on a mission to freshen-up our facility by making much needed cosmetic changes to the building’s interior and outside areas,” said Erickson. “We already have a great management team and front line staff, and improving the appearance of the environment will be uplifting to both residents and staff alike.”
Erickson added that she understands well that no one’s goal is to live in a nursing home, but that life often has other plans. As a result, she is determined that Momence Meadows residents know that she and her staff are there to walk the path together by ensuring the best quality of care along with treating them with the utmost dignity and respect. On a lighter side, residents will soon have a chance to meet Erickson’s friendly dog, Lilly, a 4-year-old Shih Tzu and Bichon Frise mix that enjoys going wherever Erickson goes.
“She’s hypoallergenic and loves people,” Erickson noted. “She’s definitely my baby and it’s fun to see how everyone’s face brightens up around her. I know that those residents who love animals will soon enjoy getting to know her– there’s nothing like a little pet therapy to bring joy to the day.”
Erickson, who resides in nearby Grant Park along with her husband Ken, a retired Air Force Master Sergeant, has three grown children. In their spare time, they enjoy attending musicals and concerts together, and Sandy, who loves to sing, is a member of her church choir.

Momence Meadows Hosts Fall Festival

The Momence Progress Reporter - November 1st 2017

Fall FestivalLast week, the staff and residents of Momence Meadows hosted a fall festival, and the weather was perfect for the outdoor event. The ‘Snack Island’ workers took a moment to pose for the camera as they prepared to serve their guests snacks.
Pictured at left are Aimee Nellas, who works in medical records and Bibiana Ulrich, administrator, as they posed next to the packages and prizes donated by various businesses that staff and visiting family members were able to win.
One of the reasons for the event was to show off the new doctor’s office and new family room to visit with residents that Momence Meadows has been working on for six months. There is also a snack room or a small dining room that is next to the main dining area, plus just in time for the season there is a ‘Halloween corner.’